UK and SA flights ban extended

08 Jan 2021

Flights from Britain and South Africa are still banned by Austria, with the precaution being take due to the rise in cases as well as the latest mutations of coronavirus. 

Austria had initially placed the ban on December 22nd, and was originally set to expire on January 10th, but was extended as a result of the news of the variant virus. The ban will now last until January 24th, Health Minister Rudolf Anschober announced on Friday.

The Austrian government stated that, “excluded from this are, for example, cargo flights, emergency flights, ambulance / rescue flights, flights for the transport of seasonal workers for agriculture and forestry as well as nursing and health personnel”. 

If anyone is looking to get in Austria, one must travel through a neighbouring country as all flights between Austria and the two other countries have been stopped. All those arriving in the country from most places, except for those named in the exception list, must carry out a mandatory ten-day quarantine.

Quarantine has also been extended by the government “until further notice”. This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the official Austrian Tourism Authority.