Austria preparing to ease COVID measures

26 Apr 2021

On May 19th, the Austrian government will start easing the COVID-19 lockdown measures as the country’s overall pandemic situation got better. However, Tyrol has underwent a severe epidemiological situation during the past weeks. This was announced by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. 

Currently, a lockdown is in effect in Austria with tourism and leisure travel not available. To date, restaurants and cultural institutions have been allowed to open in the province of Vorarlberg but must follow strict rules. 

Speaking at a press conference, Kurz said, "The light at the end of the tunnel is near.” The country has been aided by the vaccine rollout which will help to “return to normality". However, he mentioned that the Green Pass will be important in the “after”. People attending any event must either be tested, recovered from COVID-19 or vaccinated -otherwise they would not be able to attend. 

Furthermore, 20 square meters must be available per person indoors whilst sport events have a maximum of 50 percent of the seats that can be occupied. An alternative is 1,500 if indoors and 3,000 if outdoors. “These opening steps are being carried out with strict security concepts, but they have been done,” Kurz stated. 

Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler added on to point out that, “There is a certain expectation in the air,” that there will be an increase in coronavirus infections. It is expected that the situation will not go out of control due to the vaccinations that have been given out.  

The Vienna State Opera, Weense Staatsopera, announced that its doors will be reopened for the public on May 19th - having been closed for almost seven months.